Friday, November 6, 2009

Convert vsd to eps

  1. Download and install the PS printer driver for Windows: During the setup, select "Local Printer" as how the printer is connected, and select FILE as the printer port. After installation, you would be able to see this virtual printer in the printer list.
  2. Open your Visio document, and select what you want to print. Goto File->Print. Select the virtual printer in the name list, select "Selection" as the page range since we do not want to include the margin in the page, and check "Print to file".
  3. Press "OK", and select the path of the output file. The file name should end with .ps.
  4. Open the generated PS file using GSview. Goto File->"PS to EPS" to compress PS into EPS. An alternative method is to set the printer option and print .vsd to .eps directly, however I found the quality was not so good.

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